A unique training package for sharpening your marketing skills based on an exciting Business Simulation Game .

About the Product

BRAND WAR is a computer simulation game, that allows participants to learn marketing and business strategy by providing a 'hands-on' training programme. BRAND WAR is like a practical class where students do actual experiments to learn the theories.

The participants are grouped into 'companies' that compete with each other in a well defined market. They then take marketing decisions for their companies as in real life for each period. One game period simulates one year of real time. The BRAND WAR algorithms simulate consumer behaviour and the complex dynamics of the market place. The market reacts to the marketing decisions of the companies and consumers make purchases which result in the sale of the different brands marketed by the companies. This leads to the profit & loss for each company in each year. The game is played over 10 simulated years. As the periods go by, the participants are able to untangle the relationship between their decisions and the financial results of their company.

The objective of the game is to teach

  • The basic issues in strategic marketing
  • Consumer behaviour theories and models
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Advertising models
  • Theories of purchase decisions
  • Media scheduling issues
  • The problems of marketing budget setting
  • Portfolio management
  • Segmentation opportunities and techniques
  • Marketing Research
  • Building practical marketing models for quantitative decision.