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An E-commerce Implementation Primer A Guide to setting up Effective E-Commerce Sites

The end-goal of E-Commerce is the same as that of traditional selling – Attract and retain customers, sell goods and make money!

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The IT Value Chain for Financial Enterprises Financial services enterprises have undergone significant evolution

The financial services marketplace has become increasingly fierce as competitors continually vie for new customers, markets, and product offerings. Firms therefore stand to gain from Information Technology in terms of high-performance transactions, customer relationship management, resource planning and pervasive online e-commerce applications.

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Content Management A Guide to setting up Effective Websites

One of the primary fallacies of traditional initiatives has been the lack of a clear and concise strategy. A few vital questions need to be answered. It is essential to decide how the online initiative is to fit into the scheme of things with respect to the firm’s business.

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Integrated IT Deployment for the Education Industry Adopting, Implementing, Deploying and Maintaining Secure, Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Education services enterprises have undergone significant evolution in all aspects of the industry, ranging from comprehensive e-learning programmes to global information management to infrastructure design to enhanced customer marketing and sales campaigns.

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