Branching Out

Localize to Deliver. Our Partner Channels allow us to speak to you at your location in your language!


Our collaborations with transnational firms enable us to deliver competitive, cost effective and cutting edge technology for businesses wishing to stay ahead in the new age. Our primary model of engagement tends to be partner channel driven, so that we can provide localized services.

AISoft Technologies India

AISoft was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing innovative solutions and technology services that deliver measurable results. Founded and staffed with qualified technical people, well versed with the latest in technology and having wide exposure to diverse industrial and consulting backgrounds, AISoft offers a unique platform to give the customer the most appropriate solution to achieve his goals.


Fyreflyz Singapore

Fyreflyz is a Singapore based company that specializes in Marketing Solutions, ranging from Web, Print, Marketing and Events. Fyreflyz can spin your business around and add a radiant sparkle on it! We are full of ideas that can enliven and put personality on your brand. Not wanting to stick to conventions, we constantly seek ways to distinguish ourselves, and this translates into benefits for your brand as well.


Micro Excel Qatar

Microexcel Inc., established in the year 2001, is a sales and channel partner in delivering solutions to customers based on eCOLE.


Palladium Malaysia

Palladium Consulting Sdn. Bhd., is a Malaysia based consultancy that seeks to provide a level of business comfort to companies and institutions who are seeking business opportunities in Asia. Palladium, provides a host of services ensuring a comfortable and seamless approach to harness the opportunities in the Asian markets and establishing a long term presence in a chosen country.


Wiksate India

Wiksate Solutions Private Limited is a Pune (India) based learning technology company specialized in the field of informal learning analytics.


Triterras Singapore

Triterras Asia Pte Ltd is a Global Investment & IT Consulting firm providing intelligent business solutions. We enable organizations to achieve sizeable benefits from their existing technology by integrating, enhancing and delivering solutions in a highly secure and scalable environment.