Focus on Domains

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Solution Space

Our Solution Space covers a wide array. Read below for a breakdown.

Education Management

Education Management Systems, School Management Systems, Education ERP, Campus Management, Student Management, Institute and Branch Management Systems (eCOLE); Computer Aided Education System (CAE), Learning Management System (eLX), Content Conversion and Migration, e-Learning Portals, e-Books.

Sales Automation

Quotation Management, Sales Process Automation, B2B and B2C Sales Portals (E-Trade), Web-Services, Mobile Sales Terminals.

RFID Solutions

Bartronics Identification Technology expertise and cutting-edge domain knowledge enables in delivering world class Identification Technology solutions. RFID solution offering includes: Track and Trace Solutions, Warehouse & inventory Management, Asset Management, Work-In-Progress (WIP) solution, Library Management, Time & Attendance System, Access Control System.

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Financial Solutions

Portfolio Management, Finance Management, Asset management solutions, analytical tools incorporating market data from numerous sources to provide real-time portfolio assessment of the credit holdings of the client asset managers .

Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

Web based Logistics management, Control Tower, Integration with Courier Service Providers, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control and Management, Franchise Inventory Management.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Networks, Content Management Systems (SiteLOG), Business Intelligence Suite (ideaLOG), Data Warehousing, Document Management, e-Cataloguing.

HR Solutions

e-TRACK – Web based Employee Management, Online Office Automation (OOA).

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Resources Management System; Manufacturing Resource Planning, Branch Management, Enterprise Portals, Enterprise Exchanges, e-Commerce Portals, M-Business Suites, Mobile Monitoring Systems, Flight Automation System.

Case Studies

Read about our past work across industries, solution stream and technology platforms. We specialize in providing advanced technology solutions for businesses. With a focus on more avant-garde technologies such as Content, Learning and Knowledge Management Systems, Web-Services Gateways, and Advanced Mobile Solutions we hope to provide our customers with the computing power that will help them be ahead of their competitors and succeed in the new century.